Our PTA works closely with the school

  • To ensure close co-operation,
  • To co-ordinate the efforts of parents and teachers towards the better formation of the student, and build an understanding between home and school.
  • To create an atmosphere of friendly relationship between the parents and the teachers by contacts between them.
  • To assist the school authorities by organising educational, cultural and social activities.
  • To direct and held ex-students to pursue higher studies

The PTA member for the academic year 2016-2017 are

Headmistress                                       Sr. Regina Greta A.C.

Manager                                                Sr. Flavia Dias A.C.

Primary In charge                                Sr. Sachita A.C.

President                                                Mr. Sitakant Kamat

Secretary                                               Ms. Casilda Fernandes

Treasurer                                              Mrs. Jenefa Pereira

Member                                                Mrs. Lydia Pereira                                     

Member                                                Mrs. Regina Vaz

Member                                                Mrs. Anagha Fernandes

Member                                                Mrs Rosette Lobo

Member                                                Mrs. Dipti Coutoncar

Member                                                Mr. Vilas Goltekar

Member                                                Mr. Gajanan K. Korgaonkar

Member                                                Mrs. Fizell Fernandes