About Us

St. Mary’s High School (Stds. I-X) is an English Medium School managed by the nuns of the Apostolic Carmel Order. It is a premier school for girls at Mapusa, Goa.

It is recognized by the Government of Goa. St. Mary’s is a vicinity School open to students of all castes and creeds. It retains its unique Catholic identity.

St. Mary’s also runs a private Kindergarten in a breakup of two years. This Kindergarten is accommodated in the same building, but technically has no connection with the school.

The school is divided into two distinct Sections. The PRIMARY School Section (Stds. I-IV) functions under the City Municipal Board. The SECONDARY School Section (Stds. V-X) functions under the State Education Department.

The Course of Studies is arranged within the framework proposed by the Education Department of Goa.

Sports, Dramatics, Debates, Elocutions, Public Speaking and Singing are regular extra activities on the Curriculum. Parents are requested, in the interest of their girls, to encourage participation in these activities.